Trolleys and McDonald’s rubbish dominate Clean Up Australia Day

There was no shortage of shopping trolleys and McDonald’s rubbish to be found around town on Clean Up Australia Day.

Nowra resident Sigrid Cooper registered an event and soon had 27 volunteers pull on their gloves to help clean up Nowra.

During their two-hour effort on Sunday, March 4, a total of 61 trolleys were collected, with several turning up in drains.

“We had three people who went to the drain behind Nowra High and Stockland and they fished out 12 trolleys,” Ms Cooper said.

[vc_column_text]Ms Cooper believes the coin deposit system implemented by some supermarkets was key to whether the trolleys were returned or not.

“I would say 80 per cent of them were Coles trolleys. Only one was Aldi.”

Volunteers collected 30 bags of rubbish, with McDonald’s rubbish featuring as the number one offender.

“I live in Douglas Street and ever since the new McDonald’s has gone in the amount of rubbish around the area is amazing,” Ms Cooper said.

“I think around 75 per cent of the rubbish would have been McDonalds coffee cups, lids, milkshake containers and straws.

“There were very few of the items that you can now return and earn on.”

With plenty of enthusiasm from volunteers, Ms Cooper plans to initiate another Clean Up Australia Day event next year.

Written by Nicolette Pickard | Source

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