Parks and Wildlife Service to clean up shopping trolley graveyard in Jordan River

shopping trolley graveyard in Jordan River

DOZENS of rusted supermarket trolleys dumped off the Jordan River Bridge near Bridgewater will finally be cleaned up by the Parks and Wildlife Service after years of frustration.

Brighton Council general manager Ron Sanderson said trolleys in the Jordan River, off Herdsmans Cove, had been a problem for “well over 10 years”.

He said the clean up wasn’t the council’s responsibility as it was not on their land, but a PWS spokeswoman said the area fell under reserved Crown Land — a management responsibility of the service.

“The area identified has been the focus of clean-up programs on other occasions and the Parks Service will remove the trolleys as soon as possible,” the PWS spokeswoman said.

She said the illegal dumping of rubbish and other materials was an ongoing issue for the service.

“The Parks and Wildlife Service encourages everyone to play their role by not dumping rubbish and other materials in reserves, to dispose of it appropriately and report illegal dumpers.”

A photo sent into the Mercury by reader Mark Bartlett on Monday shows numerous trolleys, up to 86 by his count.

Mr Sanderson said they had done some clean ups recently.

“Twelve months ago there were 100 trolleys in there and I said ‘let’s get them out’. We got 60 out but the rest were hard to get out with the silt.”

The nearest Woolworths and Coles supermarkets are about 2km away from the bridge.

A Woolworths spokesman said the company had partnered with firms like Trolleytracker, allowing members of the public to report abandoned trolleys via an app.

rusted supermarket trolleys dumped

Written by Alex Luttrell | Source

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