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TDMN® was founded in 2018 on the principles of Innovation, Passion, Quality and Excellence.

Our goal:

Is to provide businesses with an innovative shopping trolley and cart management system, advanced in delivering actionable data and equipped with an intuitive user interface.

We are the first and best at what we do, our passion is evident in the calibre of our products.

Years of industry experience puts us in a unique position. We believe in solutions that tick all the boxes.

It takes dedication to forge precision and reliability. We’ve sourced the best components on the market to ensure our system is Better. Smarter. Faster.

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TDMN's sMart Track™ technology delivered on its promise: to locate abandoned trolleys in our community without third party reporting. We have been able to track and collect trolleys more than 2kms from the store with incredible accuracy. Our store teams love the tech because it makes their job easier, our customers love having trolleys available to use in-store, our local community love having streets free of abandoned trolleys, this is a win-win for all.
Charbel Daher
Commercial Manager & GM Supply Chain, Harris Farm
TDMN's sMart Track™ delivered on its promise and is a win-win for all: Prior to deploying TDMN's technology in our store we were replacing more than 40% of our trolley fleet annually. The system delivers accurate location of trolleys, is easy for staff to use and has produced impressive results. I love it, my team love it and our customers and community love it.
Windi Brown
Store Manager Harris Farm Markets
If you’re retailer don’t wait another minute to implement TDMN’s technology. Our stores were losing 100% of their trolley fleet every 6 months! And they had coin locks installed! Thanks to TDMN we have kept our trolleys on site and available for customers.
Director FoodWorks
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