Dumped supermarket trolleys are raising the ire of St George and shire residents

abandoned supermarket trolley
Doing the right thing: Linshan Zhu, who takes her own trolley when shopping, passes an abandoned supermarket trolley in Carrington Avenue, Hurstville.

The number of supermarket trolleys being abandoned in the streets of St George sand Sutherland Shire appears to be on the rise.

Dumped trolleys frequently line the Kingsway between Miranda and Caringbah, and the streets around Westfield Miranda, Southgate at Sylvania and Menai Marketplace are among other “hot spots”.

dumped supermarket trolley

Growing problem: New, smaller trolleys, such as this one dumped at Sutherland, can be wheeled easily and are often abandoned long distances from stores.

The Hurstville CBD and surrounds are often littered with trolleys.
Hurstville Council is holding more than 80 dumped shopping trolleys, but the supermarket giants who own them have shown no interest in retrieving them.

The council said it received no reply when it wrote to the companies, seeking a modest impounding fee of $76.50 per trolley.

Dumped trolleys are a source of continuing complaint in emails and calls to the Leader.

Some residents believe the problem has become worse with the introduction of smaller trolleys, which can wheeled long distances.

An inspection by the Leader on the weekend revealed more than a dozen trolleys dumped in Karimbla Road, Miranda.

One resident candidly admitted she brought her shopping home from Westfield and left the trolley on the footpath in front of her home because she knew it would be collected.

Gymea resident Alison Dews said in a letter to the Leader, “It really disturbs me to see so many discarded shopping trolleys around Gymea and Miranda, particularly all the way up Karimbla Road.

“This hasn’t always been the case but, as a shire resident for some years now, I have noticed a significant increase in trolleys left outside homes and apartments in recent months.

“I’m not sure of the reason for this, possibly due to our ageing population who cannot drive and require a trolley to bring their shopping home?

“Or Is it because of the recent growth of Westfield and irresponsible retailers without a trolley control program?

“Or is it simply because we no longer must pop a dollar in to release our trolleys?

“Whatever the reason, those people who are discarding their trolleys are showing an absolute disrespect for our local areas and it’s residents.

“I’m fed up of moving and returning trolleys.

“Unless you are disabled or elderly, leave the trolley at the shopping centre and if you absolutely must take it with you please call [Trolley Trackers] 1800 641 497 to get it collected.”

dumped supermarket cart

Dumping ground: Three of nine trolleys in Doyle Gardens, in Thomas Street, Hurstville, on the weekend.

Sutherland Shire Council said few complaints were received, it did not think the problem was growing and abandoned trolleys were reported to Trolley Trackers.

A Hurstville Council spokeswoman said the council conducted daily inspections of the CBD and local supermarket companies employed collection contractors.

The spokeswoman said, since April last year, the council had impounded more than 80 trolleys and had received no correspondence after contacting the owners.

The council was investigating whether a new round of state government funding for litter prevention projects could be applied to trolley dumping prevention projects, she said.

Hurstville mayor Vince Badalati said recently more shopping centres should consider trolley lock system solutions, similar to that installed by Coles at Hurstville station.

Kogarah Council said it received relatively few complaints, but had found the problem more noticeable in streets surrounding the Hurstville CBD.

A spokeswoman said a new council position had been created, which included direct responsibility for dumped trolleys.

“Council will act on all complaints and aims to reduce the time between the receipt of a report regarding a dumped trolley and its collection,” she said.

The spokeswoman said council staff intended meeting with the management of Woolworths, IGA, Coles and other major retailers to discuss measures to reduce the incidence.

She said, at present, the council dealt with an independent trolley collection contractor, but it was intended to develop a relationship with store managers in order to seek improvements.

A Rockdale Council spokesman said council Inspectors could issue a $220 fine to anyone found to be discarding a trolley away from a store, but had to detect the person in the act.

Residents were encouraged to contact Trolley Trackers on 1800 641 497 or trolleytracker.com.au/

Other contact numbers include Bunnings Trolley Collectors on 1300 554 777, Coles Trolley Collections on 1800 876 553 and United Trolley Collections, for Kmart, Target, Big W and Aldi stores, on 03 5624 0900

Woolworths and Coles responded with standard statements, which included the contact numbers above.

Woolworths said trolleys were provided for the convenience of customers, most of whom did the right thing and left them within the store environs.

Coles said it spent “a significant amount on trolleys each year, some of which is the cost of collecting trolleys that have been removed from our premises”.

“Abandoned trolleys are a nuisance to local communities and we are actively looking into ways to make this better across the nation,” a Coles statement said.

Written by Murray Trembath | Source

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